Language barriers

No matter what your child is battling in life, the language barrier, especially when young or when non-verbal is what hinders diagnosis, and places a barrier between problem and solution.  I cheated and just reblogged a friend’s blog as well she explains it so well, probably better than I can. She highlights just how much it effects the child, and how our children just want to be loved, respected and understood above all else

The Little Super Hero

One of the biggest things which challenged us in obtaining help for Jacqueline and even her sisters, was the barrier of language.

For children they don’t have a developed vocabulary with which to express themselves and what they are feeling or experiencing….tummies hurt, head is funny, I fell and hurt my bum! Kiss it better! while offering the injured posterior in all innocence for a magic healing kiss just like any boo boo on the knee……. :-/

Even educated adults struggle with conveying what they experience when it comes to mental illness, professionals have their own language their Own Jargon, to discuss between themselves the features and symptoms of illness, while only those who have spent years being chewed up by the system have picked up enough of the language to trip and stumble their way through communicating symptoms and experiences.

for Shannon her’s were her “Illusions”, she has had…

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